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We project that the entire digital asset market cap has the potential to double in a year or by 2024 to 4x. With select standouts in the midcap to small cap having the potential to 10x. So, being set up to make these investments and being early is key!

With our partners Gemini and BITRIA, we are able to connect your firm with a platform that will enable your clients to have direct exposure to this emerging alternative investment sector.

Investing directly in digital assets with actual ownership of the asset as an alternative to a fund or index of Digital Assets offers absolute, transparent, and actual ownership. GBTC has a high expense fee and trades at a massive discount that amplifies when Bitcoin goes down. Many Crypto funds have a multi year lockup and invest in illiquid startup companies that are often overseas. As the market evolves, true investment management will be with the client owning digital assets directly and utilizing technology to increase returns through features like lending and staking.

If you have zero allocation to the space you could fall in a tricky position when it comes to portfolio modeling, and miss out on allocation to the best returning investment in the past 11 years.

With our TAMP we set up everything for you. You and your client have 24/7 view access. The platform is fully customizable, can handle an unlimited number of clients, requires very little to onboard, reports into your traditional investment statements, enables you to collect your fees, and is ultra secure.
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