Case Studies

Gold vs Bitcoin

We routinely get new clients who have existing investments in physical gold. What was surprising to us was how a majority of them are only investing new money in digital assets.

One early client came to us with an existing position of gold and wanted to match it with Bitcoin and an Altcoin. He had been researching digital assets and saw clearly how the finite supply of Bitcoin was a good alternative investment to golds unknown true supply. When we were onboarding him he was far more bullish on digital assets than I had seen other gold investors. 

Since him we routinely see similar clients come to us from gold custodians looking for help with investing in Bitcoin in their IRAs. What we haven't see is these clients increase their gold positions. As of mid-September 2019 Gold is up 17% ytd when Bitcoin is up 180%, which could be partly why.

Bitcoin vs Gold vs Dolla

FX vs Digital Assets

The FX market is one of the largest in the world and is often compared to Digital Assets because of the way it trades, but there is one big difference. 

Trading FX happens in pairs like USD/EUR and trading in digital assets looks similar for example BTC/USD. The value changes in FX can seem small to Bitcoins gains, single digits vs triple digits ytd respectively.

The main difference is the ease of investing in digital assets like Bitcoin in your Roth or Traditional IRA. We can show you the tax advantages. Download our free report then send us an email to get you started.

401k Unroll

There is a way to unlock funds in your current 401k plan with your employer. Being confined to the small varity of mutual funds is not the only option. We have a way to get you Bitcoin in your IRA. The following case study will depict how funds that were from your previous employer can be stripped out from your current employers restricted retirement plan.


We had a client that worked at a major credit card company and had done a great job of amassing an impressive sum of money in is company’s 401k which was administered by Voya. This client had originally started his 401k with another employer over a decade ago. When he moved to his current company he rolled over his previous 401k. Which over the last five years grew to a handsome sum. But this roll over can be undone. He was then able to invest in digital assets with the funds that were spun out. 


If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin in your current employer’s retirement plan, that is not directly possible at this time. But if you’ve started a 401k with a previous employer that balance can be rolled unrolled. The key is that original balance is designated with a source from the previous rollover, and that source is allowed to be rolled out and over. In order to do this we’ll help get you with a custodian who can administer digital assets. Once the funds land and are under our management we will either put the position on for you or you can self-direct a one time investment. 

Roth 401k vs Roth IRA vs Traditional 401k

Comparing these three should really be looked at as a comparison of a Traditional 401k vs a Roth 401k. The simple reason being that the 401k properties of both require them to be sponsored by and employer. A Roth IRA can be set up and managed by the individual without the involvement of an employer. Now that we got that clear what makes the Roth portion of the IRA and the 401k is that its distributions are taken tax free. 


Further comparing a Roth 401k vs a Traditional 401k reveals that taxes is where the differences lie. The Roth 401k is contributed with post tax dollars. The Traditional 401k is contributed with pre tax dollars and allows for a write off. At time of distributions the Roth 401k are tax free and the Traditional 401k is taxed at ordinary income tax rates at time of distribution. The contribution limits are the same for both at $19,000.


When deciding which account to choose it first depends on what’s available. From there we are all taking a shot at what taxes will be like in the future. One thing is advised, if you can afford to max out your contributions do so!