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Reach your retirement goals by diversifying and growing
your 401k, IRA or Brokerage Account with Bitcoin.
Hi, We're DAiM

We are financial advisors for Bitcoin and Digital Assets. As the first-of-its-kind, Licensed Registered Investment Adviser for Bitcoin and crypto-assets, we help clients invest Bitcoin directly in their brokerage and tax-advantaged retirement accounts. If you have a 401k or IRA and want to use it to invest in Bitcoin, we can help. 

We offer dedicated full-service advisory, trading and execution, customized investment options, retirement account creation and administration, secure custody of coins in cold storage, research and educational resources. If you are looking for a self-direct option, we can set you up for a one time fee. Our platform is designed to work with anyone that wants to invest in Bitcoin.

Why DAiM?
  • We're qualified and properly licensed to advise and manage digital assets in your 401k, IRA or brokerage account.

  • We offer a self-direct IRA option for a one time fee. 

  • We operate in a way that is designed to be compliant.

  • We only trade against licensed counterparties.

  • We only use licensed custodians. Your digital assets will be held in cold storage with most of our custodians offering insurance.

  • Our fees are transparent and far less punitive than other self-directed options, exchanges or trusts w/ premium to NAV.

  • If you are comparing gold vs bitcoin we'll share with you our research.


We're a full service platform that will ensure the safe transfer of your private 401k or IRA into an account for Bitcoin and digital assets. 

Transfer an existing IRA or 401k

Retirement Rollover


Put cash to work in Bitcoin and avoid the risk of doing it yourself or leaving it on an exchange. We'll customize investments to your profile and risk.

Invest with cash

Traditional Brokerage

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Create an IRA for a one-time fee and manage and trade your Bitcoin investment yourself. We'll take care of the paperwork and get you invested.

Manage and Trade your IRA

Self-Direct IRA's


Open a new IRA and contribute up to $5,500 annually. We'll take care of the paperwork and get you invested in Bitcoin immediately.

Start a new IRA. Contribute Monthly

Saver Accounts

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