New Money IRA

Invest Bitcoin tax-free in your IRA

  • rollover or transfer any IRA

  • rollover or transfer any old employer 401k

  • start a new account by contributing new funds

  • invest for retirement tax-free/tax-deferred

  • earn up to 6% interest yield on Bitcoin 

  • enjoy tax -free trading with our institutional rates

  • get access to our model portfolio, investment recommendations, and research

  • admin, compliance, and IRS filings included


Available Options:

  • New Money℠ Managed IRA

  • New Money℠ Self-Direct IRA

  • Sovereign Individual LLC IRA (coming soon)

Invest Bitcoin in your retirement accounts and stack sats tax-free

As a licensed fiduciary, we drive down fees and transaction costs to offer you the

lowest and most compliant retirement solution available to invest in Bitcoin.

New Money℠ Managed IRA

One time Set up fee: FREE

  • 2.5% mgmt fee/yr, paid quarterly  (no fees for New Money Interest IRA) 

  • 0.40%/yr Cold Storage custody 

  • 0.25% trading/transaction fees

  • Bitcoin yield and income accounts (earn up to 6%)

  • 24/7 full-service advisory & support

  • Technical Analysis upon request

  • Model portfolio recommendations

  • Full IRA admin and compliance, IRA 5498 filing

  • No minimum investment

  • Roth IRA back door conversions

IRA admin from:


New Money℠ Self-Direct IRA

One time Set up fee: 2.5% assets + $50

  • 2.5% one time upfront set up fee

  • 0.40%/yr Cold Storage custody 

  • 1.0% trading/transaction fees

  • Full IRA admin and compliance, IRA 5498 filing

  • No minimum investment

  • Roth IRA back door conversions

  • Basic support

IRA admin from:


Sovereign Individual LLC IRA

One time set up fee: Coming Soon

  • Create legal structure for IRA LLC to hold Bitcoin & Digital Assets

  • Set up of Casa Multi-Sig non-custodial wallet

  • purchase of Bitcoin and secure transfer to Casa Wallet

  • filing of state articles

  • filing of tax identification number with the IRS

  • limited consulting

Coming Soon:



Simple account set up

We take care of everything to open your account. Creation of legal docs, compliance and transfer of funds.


No fee trading

You get the benefit of inside market liquidity and we don't charge you extra fees to transact.


Investment Advisory

Digital assets are complicated. We'll protect you and advise you so you can make the most of your investment.

custody vault.png

Institutional grade custody

We safeguard your assets by partnering with the most respected Institutional custody providers on the planet.