Digital Asset Investment Management Launches the First Employer-sponsored 401(k) Plans w/ Bitcoin

Digital Asset Investment Management(DAiM) is proud to announce the launch of the first ERISA compliant employer-sponsored 401(k) plans with Bitcoin. As the first licensed Registered Investment Advisor for Bitcoin and Digital Assets, DAiM will serve as a 3(38) Investment Advisor and plan fiduciary to all company sponsored 401(k) plans, and will be responsible for selecting, managing, monitoring, and benchmarking the investment offerings of the plan, reducing the risk and costs to employers.

As the leader in regulated Investment Advisory and Wealth Management Services for Bitcoin and Digital Assets, it has been our goal to provide clients with direct access to Bitcoin and Digital Assets through cash brokerage, IRAs, 401(k)s and 403(b)s in the most secure, compliant and low cost structures. While Bitcoin and other Digital Assets represent a new asset class that has yet to be understood by the Investment Advisor and Wealth Management community, it's our belief that Bitcoin deserves a role in the Modern Portfolio and an allocation to will perform strongly over the long-term, given its underlying fundamentals, growth opportunity and value proposition against the current economic and monetary climate.

“We’re thrilled that DAiM is able to offer this incredible ground breaking service offering for Bitcoin. From the moment we were approved by the State of California to begin offering Investment Advisory services back in June 2018, we’ve seen incredible inbound demand from individuals eager to invest Bitcoin in 401(k) plans provided by their employer. Due to underwhelming 401(k) plan investment options as well as restrictive rules and policies on the transfer of assets to more flexible options, individuals have been frustrated with their options and lack of access to Bitcoin and Digital Assets in their retirement accounts. Given our belief as an organization that individuals should “Get Off Zero”and should have an allocation to Bitcoin in the modern portfolio, we wanted to build a solution that addressed these issues.

We executed the very first employer-sponsored 401(k) plan in October 2019 and have been working and testing the product diligently for the past year, allowing us to launch scalable 401(k) plans that provide record keeping and administrative services for both large and small organizations. We’re proud to be a leader in regulated Investment Management services for Bitcoin and are excited to lend our fiduciary capacity to enable access to bitcoin in 401(k)plans in this way," shared Adam Pokornicky, COO of Digital Asset Investment Management.

How it works:

DAiM will serve as the 3(38) advisor and fiduciary to the plan, helping companies create a 401(k) plan that offers five recommended model portfolios of varying risk to traditional assets and allocation of up to 10% to Bitcoin. Individuals will have direct exposure to Bitcoin, securely held in Institutional Cold Storage Custody with Gemini Trust, LLC who we partner with for our primary Investment Advisory services. We have chosen to partner with Gemini Trust, LLC because Trust is their Product. In addition to being an Investment Advisor friendly institution, they offer the highest levels of cold storage custody, becoming the world’s first Digital Asset custodian and exchange to complete both a SOC 2 Type 1&2 and SOC 2 Type 1 security audit, the high standard of financial operations compliance conducted by Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Participants can choose between our DAiM model portfolios or they can choose self-directed options from over 20,000 different assets, including traditional investments like mutual funds and ETFs, as well as non-traditional investments, including private and public stock, joint ventures, real estate, notes and more. This means that employees will have all the traditional investment options available to them and will be able to allocate easily between Bitcoin and traditional investments. Should an individual want to exceed their 10% max allocation to Bitcoin, they can schedule an investment consultation with DAiM to review their investment profile for suitability. If a participant ever leaves their employer or decides to rollover their 401(k) to an IRA, their direct investment in Bitcoin will be able to transfer with them.

We’re proud to be offering access to such an innovative and important asset that we believe offers positive benefits to retirement accounts that were unavailable until now. To date, we’ve on-boarded almost a dozen companies that will be implementing a DAiM employer-sponsored 401(k) plan with Bitcoin for 2021 and we look forward to working with additional companies who want to provide access to this asset as a key retirement benefit to their employees. DAiM is able to work with any employer to launch a new employer-sponsored 401(k) plan or switch plans from their current provider. Companies interested in learning about or setting up a 401(k) plan with Bitcoin can apply or by emailing [email protected].

About DAiM

Digital Asset Investment Management is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA and became the first licensed Registered Investment Advisor in May 2018, providing direct access to Bitcoin and Digital Assets in Separately Managed Brokerage and Qualified Retirement accounts (SMA’s).

Our infrastructure allows us to serve individual retail investors and HNWI’s in Separately Managed Brokerage and Retirement accounts as well as Family Office, Institutions and other Financial Advisors/Wealth Managers as Sub Advisor/TPAM in the most transparent, regulated and compliant manner. DAiM’s bitcoin and digital asset SMAs offer direct ownership, tax optimization, yield enhancement, institutional trading rates, research, model portfolios and 24/7 advisor access.

If you are interested in working with DAiM, please reach out and contact us at or [email protected]


Adam Pokornicky


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