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Institutional SMA

The 2/20 fund structure for exposure to Bitcoin and Digital Assets in comingled accounts lacks transparency and flexibility. DAiM manages institutional investments in separately managed accounts according to a custom plan for a fixed fee.

Custom SMA is the right way



Open a new IRA and contribute up to $5,500 annually. We'll take care of the paperwork and get you invested in Bitcoin immediately.

Start a new IRA. Contribute Monthly.


Rollover IRA/401k

Our full-service platform will ensure the safe transfer of your old employer 401k or IRA into a new Traditional or Roth IRA account for Bitcoin and Digital Assets. We'll create your accounts, manage the process, and build you an Investment Plan that works for you.

Transfer an existing IRA or 401k


Traditional Brokerage

Put cash to work in Bitcoin and avoid the risk of doing it yourself or leaving it on an exchange. We'll customize investments to your profile and risk.

Invest with Cash

Bitcoin Licensed Advisor IRA

DAiM is the first-of-its-kind Licensed Registered Investment Advisor for Bitcoin and Digital Assets. We were also one of the first to go through a Field Audit for Operation, Compliance and Procedures by the DBO Division of Investment Advisers. 


Heading 2

Compare bitcoin platform fees
Digial Asset Savings Bitcoin

DAiM specializes in managing and advising clients with Bitcoin and Digital Asset investments in cash accounts, 401k's and IRA's. Our fees are for management and investment. We do not charge for performance

Bitcoin handshake deal

Our flat 3% management fee includes dedicated full service advisory, trading, educational resources, and research. With options for cold storage custody of assets with insurance. Our fees are lower all-in than other self-directed options.

Stacking Bitcoins

With DAiM, your assets sit with a qualified custodian. You're coins are never at risk on an exchange, you won't have to worry about losing your private keys, 2FA passcodes or getting hacked.


DAiM has NO authority over deposits and withdrawals on your account. As a manager and adviser, we keep you in control of your assets and only have discretion to make investment directions on your behalf.

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