Digital Asset Investment Management (DAiM)

In 2018, DAiM became the first of its kind Licensed Registered Investment Adviser for Bitcoin and Digital Assets. After lobbying regulators, DAiM became properly approved and licensed to manage and advise Bitcoin and Digital Assets. As fiduciaries to clients in a nascent and developing asset class, we believe TRUST is our product, operating in a manner that is designed to be transparent, safe, compliant, and as low cost as possible.

We welcome the opportunity to work with both retail and HNWI's individuals, Endowments, Family Offices and Traditional Financial Advisers through Sub-adviser/TPAM partnerships. We can invest Bitcoin and Digital Assets into any qualified Retirement Account(Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, Solo 401k, ESA, HSA, or Employer-Sponsored 401k plans) as well as individual cash brokerage accounts. All of our clients are provided with Institutional cold storage custody by a qualified custodian, with insurance. When it comes to trading, we only work with properly licensed US exchanges, negotiating the lowest rates available and passing them along to our clients.


Here's how we are different from a fund or investment vehicle.


We are a flat fee advisor and create a custom plan for each client, aimimg to be your co-pilot in this developing asset class. Even though we have the discretion to manage digital assets, all of our clients have access to override or invest in specific assets to their choosing. There are always multiple eyes watching over the digital assets and the full transparency of your account makes it more secure. Unlike the majority of the crypto platforms out there which offer Do-It-Yourself access and operate as a money transmitter, we don't charge punitive and predatory transaction fees on everything you do. We provide exposure, education, and empowerment and are available to speak whenever you need.

If you have any interest in our business and services or would just like to know more about the digital asset space we are here to help. Feel free to email, call or schedule an appointment to speak with us.

Bryan Courchesne, CEO

bc@daim.io | Phone: 949.298.7582

Adam Pokornicky, COO 

adam@daim.io | Phone: 949.298.7582

The founder of Newport Beach-based Digital Asset Investment Management, is no stranger to managing risk and being on the forefront of innovation as we head into a new digital era and the 21st Century financial landscape.

Impacted by the housing meltdown during the Great Recession, the Florida entrepreneur relocated to New York City to trade options in the pit of the exchange. Within a few years, he was managing a group of eight brokers and turned pre-existing negative returns into healthy positive profit margins. During that time he became an Options Principal and General Securities Principal and holds the Series 4,7,24,55,63, and 65.

Adam has been working in the financial industry since 2002. He was the Head Trader at Scottwood Capital,  

an event-driven credit fund based in New York City and Greenwich, CT.  Adam initiated a short position in subprime loans, bank stocks and mortgage insurers, helping Scottwood Capital navigate the financial crisis after learning about the complex world of CDO's and Subprime mortgages in mid-2007. After getting long the recovery after unprecedented bailouts, stimulus and Central bank money printing, Adam discovered Bitcoin in 2012, becoming fascinated by its potential of non-sovereign fixed supply sound money and the possibility of an alternative financial system.


Previously, Adam assisted in the creation of the Ikigai Fund, a crypto fund in LA before moving to DAiM to focus on helping individual investors get off zero and begin allocating to Bitcoin. Adam translates that by developing networks, processes, procedures, business, strategy and content for DAiM. Adam holds the Series 65.

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