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Special Edition: DAIM Backstory

November 8, 2022
November 8, 2022 Our Founder, Bryan Courchesne, was recently on the Behind Company Lines podcast where he shared his backstory and how DAIM came to be. Check it out below. Apple Podcasts Behind Company Lines Spotify Also, if you want to stay up to date with crypto news or the state of DAIM follow him […]

DAIM Issue 16 - What's the Meta with You

November 2, 2022
November 2, 2022 1) Forecast 2) What’s the Meta with You?3) Apple NFT crackdown4) Vultures5) Closing 1) Forecast As the year draws to an end we still find ourselves reading the macro tea leaves to determine where crypto is going. Inflation is still high and sticky and mega tech is taking its lumps. On the other […]

There is a Better Option than CalSavers

October 24, 2022
Since June 30th of this year all California companies with more than 5 employees are mandated to offer their employees a retirement plan. The most convenient option is to enroll in the state sponsored CalSavers retirement savings program. But is it the best option? No. The program has many drawbacks compared to what we can […]

DAIM Issue 15 - Timing Isn't Everything

October 12, 2022
October 6, 2022 1) Forecast  2) Turning Point 3) Business Services Forecast - CPI data is driving the economy so each report is extremely influential on the Federal Reserve. The next report comes out on Oct 13 and traders will likely adjust instantly trying to predict the Fed’s next rate move. The Fed’s next meeting […]

DAIM Issue 14 - In It Together

September 26, 2022
September 21, 2022 1) Forecast  2) Hibernating Bitcoin 3) In It Together 4) New At DAIM   Forecast - Negative news and reports make it tough to get excited about investing, but the best work is done by strategically deploying capital when others are running. Inflation continues to run hot and all indications show that […]

HODL Now, Retire Later

September 7, 2022
Employers now have the ability to offer 401K plans with direct exposure to Bitcoin through DAIM

DAIM Issue 13 - Looking for Alpha

August 12, 2022
While we anticipate another breakthrough of 20k BTC we don’t think that anything below $15k is a distinct possibility now. A range of 20k-30k is likely as we await two more inflation prints before the next Fed meeting in September.

DAIM Issue 12 - No Pain, No Gain

July 4, 2022
As the crypto market engages in a costly game of limbo with traditional markets, retail participants are left to wonder when some relief will come.

DAIM Issue 11 - Quick Hits

June 3, 2022
We continue to foresee Bitcoin trading between $25-$35k through the end of July. There are a few macro events that we are keeping an eye on until then. The Fed has two more meetings scheduled in mid June and late July.

April 2022 - Bitcoin Forecast

April 7, 2022
We continue to standby BTC swinging between low $30Ks to upper $40Ks. Each time BTC trends down, the altcoins without substance will have their market cap reduced aggressively. The crypto market can stay oversold longer than most buyers can stay solvent.
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