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The New 60/30/10 Portfolio - Stocks, Bonds, Bitcoin

December 3, 2021
For years the 60/40 portfolio has been the poster child of conservative retail investing. It was widely viewed as a “Goldilocks” allocation, one that was just right for most individual’s risk profile and one that would perform favorably under many macro conditions. It just so happens that we may be experiencing market conditions that make this portfolio the wrong choice for investors.

September 2021 Edition – Monthly Investment Thoughts On Digital Assets > Bitcoin

September 22, 2021
As of April there were 9 Bitcoin ETFs and you may think this is starting to be a competition. Who will get picked who won’t, ultimately a winner and losers. But this is not what regulators want to be involved in. Selecting a winner, and thereby saying they feel one company is better than the others, is not something they do. They want to be as far away from this as possible.
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SoFi launches a new Web3 ETF, but smart investors look towards owning coins directly. @NateGeraci, President of the ETF Store, said, “This segment of ETFs is already oversaturated.” Further,,,

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